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The company

Ademafi, S.L. is a familiar company established on the market for more than 30 years. Specialized in consultancy and sale of promotional products, gifts and premiums. We offer personal attention for each client, analizying their enviroment, budget and needs in order to find the best gimmick to advertise and promote their company or product.

Due to our long professional trajectory, we have the support of an extend and assorted range of products. Always customized ítems with utility, with competitive price and door-to-door delivery service.

Our dynamic team colaborates through all the process, finding ideas, assessing suppliers, suggesting alternatives, designing the product and planning logistic to satisfy the needs of our clients at any time and on each project.

We make the difference because we are close and engaged with every detail.

Our Facilites

Due to our team and infraestructure, from our commercial department to our logistic organization, we can work with clients in Spain and in other Europeans countries. We have our storage area with a big and wide capacity warehouse, a picking area and a transport service which can be adjusted to each client or project, depending on the specifications desired.

We offer

Servicios que ofrecemos

Service: With Ademafi you can develop an entire promotional project as well as a launching of a new brand or product.

Low prices: direct purchasing, short supply chain, 30 years of partnering with trusted manufacturers.

Efficient deliveries: lead time around 90 days by sea / 45 days by air, close and long-lasting cooperation with international carriers.

All materials & customization posibilitéis: unlimited range of products, full customization (color, logo, packaging).

Quality control:
 guaranteed by our representatives in Asia who assist the factory before, during and after the production process.

 our staff guides you through the entire process, informing you step by step.

How we work